Sunday, February 8, 2015

Beginning of Travels

This week has been very exciting, I visited Tower Bridge, received a box of cookies from grandma, planned trips to Scotland and Amsterdam, and ended the week by visiting Megan and then going to Brighton. It was so nice to see someone I know. Classes are still fine, but starting this week some I have to begin writing my essays because deadlines are approaching. Monday I went with Deanna and Emily to visit Tower Bridge. We had seen it briefly on our boat ride to Greenwich but we wanted to go back to actually see it. It was quite nice.

One of the most exciting things was receiving a package from grandma!!! It was a box filled with cookies! Me and some of the girls on my floor have been really enjoying them!

This week I also have planned trips to Scotland and Amsterdam. I will be visiting both of these places over weekends and I am so excited. Also when I go to Amsterdam me and the girls I am traveling with are staying on a house boat! Friday was a pretty busy day for me, I had to visit a museum for my history course and then get a train down to Eastbourne to visit Megan. It was a long day but I was so glad to see a familiar face.

Imperial War Museum in London

Part of the Berlin Wall outside the museum

Driving around Eastbourne with Megan

Pier in Eastbourne
Saturday we both took the train to Brighton and did a little walking around and explored the area.

I am now finding myself more adjusted to the culture and every day is getting easier. I can begin to tell that saying goodbye to this place is going to be hard, but good thing I have three more months of this wonderful life.

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Week Four

Cant believe I have been here for about four weeks already! The time is going by so quickly. Now that it is the beginning of February, and I am starting to plan places to travel I feel like my time here is going to go by very fast. This last week was another great one, I had class, went out, and explored the area. Wednesday night is a big night to go out here. Everyone hangs out and then we all go to a club together, it was a great night with lots of memories.
Me and Deanna

The next exciting thing that happened was our tour of Greenwich on Saturday. Even though the weather was not the nicest, it rained the entire time, the sights were still amazing. We started off taking a ferry boat to Greenwich and then had a walking tour. The tour ended by a walk up a hill to a spot with an amazing view of the city! 
First sight of Tower Bridge, except it was inside the boat in the rain

The view of Greenwich at the end of the tour

Also this week I have booked train tickets to see Megan this weekend and Sarah in a couple of weeks! I am so excited to see them again it will be nice to see familiar people again! But for now I am on to my fourth week of lectures.