Tuesday, January 27, 2015

I am now onto my second week of class over here. Still getting use to the structure and all the free time I have along with calling the lecturers by their first names. The first week went good and I didn't have any problems.  This last weekend I traveled into London to visit the Natural Science Museum. There were so many things to look at in there. It was pretty cool!

Outside the museum

Outside the front of the museum

Entry way when we walked in

That was the only big thing I did all weekend. The rest of the weekend we just hung out. Today me and Deanna and Sam traveled to Camden. It was a town filled with various shops and street vendors. When grandma and brooke come to visit I am definitely going to take them here! We spent all day here exploring and taking pictures.

There are so many places here to explore, I love it! This weekend we have a scheduled boat tour in London which I can't wait for, so I will post pictures after the tour!

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  1. Glad to see I made the blog :D

    PS: love that jacket, werrrrkk it guurrlllllll