Sunday, May 3, 2015

Tea & Bikes

Can't believe I only have three weeks left, my time here is going so quickly. This week I just did some things around London. Tuesday I went to Sarah's for the night and then came back to school on Wednesday. I had my last hand in for history on Wednesday, so now I just have one essay to turn in on May 13, only three days before Brooke comes!!! I also found out that mom is coming on the 19th and we are on the same flight to Florida on the 24th!!!! I have also booked quite a few things these last few days. I am going to tea and Wicked on Monday with Rachel, and then on Wednesday I am doing a Warner Brothers tour of Harry Potter. Then next week I am going to Poland for three days.
So one night after dinner we decided to go get ice cream and hang out at the park for a while.

Caitlynn, Sam, Me, Haley, and Emily

Me, Emily, and Cait decided to go into central and rent bikes to bike around hyde park. We biked for quite a while and by the end decided that we were all out of shape. It was also annoying to bike because there are only certain paths that bikes are allowed on. But I got some great pics using the selfie stick!!

Just our favourite hand signs

Taking a dive into the flower

Bikers Club

Loving London

So we could never actually get a picture where we were all looking

Until Cait was in the front

Waiting for the royal princess to be born

We also booked afternoon tea for Saturday. So Me, Cait, Emily, Deanna, Laura, and one of Laura's friends went into the city for afternoon tea. We had chocolate martinis, sandwiches, tea, scones, and a variety of other treats.

Me & Cait

This week I am going to Wicked, Harry Potter studios, and have an essay to write so it will be quite busy. Only 13 more days until Brooke is here and 16 until mom. I can't wait for them to both get here to show them everything!!!

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